SUNWPA is helping southwestern Pennsylvania transition to the clean energy future.

Ideas lead to Success

Ideas are a combination of knowledge and creativity. SUNWPA is not only a group of solar supporters but they are also a resource and educational group. Most people have heard of solar power and renewable energy, but know little to nothing about it.

Clean Energy Means Cleaner Community

What Is Solar?

We have all heard of solar, but what is it really? SUNWPA has pooled all of it’s resources to create an in-depth explanation of Solar Energy, the components, and so much more. Go to our Knowledge Center to find out more.

Going Solar

Contact one of our qualified, experienced solar installers to find out how you can produce your own electricity and save thousands of dollars.

Cold, Hard Facts

Here is a collection of official reports from the federal government, state government, etc. These are hard-core facts for hard-core supporters.